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 Mr. Thomas

Dear Pioneer Families,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! I am Ron Thomas the new Principal of Pioneer Elementary School. However, you should also know that I am a parent of three young children that will be engaging in distance learning here in Davis. I’m excited for the year. I am excited for the students in our community to meet and get to know their teachers. I look forward to teaching and learning, but when I put my parent hat on I am also a bit nervous and I know that some families are feeling the exact same way. I am not worried about the rigor, the relevance, the relationships, or the culturally responsive instruction that will take place in the classroom. Our teachers care deeply about the students in our community and their profession. They have prepared and will continue to work throughout the year to make this a positive experience for our students, even under challenging circumstances.

My nervousness comes from figuring out how to balance working, whether from home or the school, while also supporting my three children through distance learning alongside my wife. What has helped to relieve some of my back to school anxiety is to realize that we are not in this alone. Our teachers have created schedules that are structured, but flexible. I am here as the principal to work collaboratively with you on any concerns, barriers, or frustrations that may come up during our journey together this year. Our staff and the PTA are working collaboratively and creatively on ways in which we can all support each other; including after school enrichment programs for students and social events from adults.

Whether you are fairly new to the South Davis community or have been here for many years, what you will find is that even though there is uncertainty in many aspects in the world today, when we work together our community is virtually unstoppable. Due to the pandemic, many of our routines and instructional strategies will look a little different this year. As guidelines change, we will be flexible in adapting to meet them while still meeting our students’ needs. While addressing academic gaps and core instruction is important, our focus the first two weeks of school will be on building community through this virtual space and helping students feel emotionally and physically safe at all times. As site principal my goal is to be as accessible as possible to all families in our community. Thus, feel free to reach out with and questions, clarifications, or concerns that may surface. I am confident that despite this unique year we will have a very successful school year.

With Appreciation,

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